Our Burgin Family Genealogy

1 Phillip Burgin: Arrived in America January 1677. He was transported to Maryland by John Bull, who claimed his rights to land on January 15, 1677. It was custom in those days to give a certain amount of land for each person “transported” to the country, to help settle it and to fill the shortage of labor. In short, a wealthy man would pay the poor man’s passage. In exchange for that, the person being transported was usually indentured for a number of years to his benefactor.

Phillip is thought to be the son of Phillip (1) Burgin and Joanne (Evans) Burgin, who were married in Crediton, Devon, England, October, 18th 1645. He was Baptized December 2, 1649, at Crediton, Devon, England.

After arriving in America, Phillip settled in Cecil County in the section that would later become Kent County. In 1686 he was living in the place he would later purchase “Ivingo” on Turner's Creek, a deep inlet on the south side of the Sassafras River, at the time a part of Cecil County.

Phillip married Rosamond Queeney, daughter of Sutton and Ann Queeney. They must have married around 1688, because he and Rosamond had their first of six children in October of 1689.

  • 11 Sutton Burgin, born October 23, 1689

  • 12 Ann Burgin, born July 15, 1694

  • 13 Phillip Burgin, born August 30, 1698

  • 14 Rosamond Burgin, born March 24, 1701/02

  • 15 John Burgin, born September 14, 1704

  • 16 Benjamin Burgin, born February 24, 1706/07

John Burgin: Fifth born of Phillip and Rosamond was born Sept. 14, 1704 Kent County, Maryland, married Martha Crisfield, ca. 1738. Exchanges of property at about the time of the marriage indicate that Phillip Crisfield deeded land to John Burgin, Sr. and later in his estate records, Ben Chrisfield is listed as “kin” along with Sutton and others. It was common in that time to refer to one's in-laws as relatives.

John died between Sept 3, 1753 & Jan. 4, 1754... will probate dates account for the date spread. Many records were lost in a courthouse fire... bits and piece children listed to the couple:

  • 151 James Burgin, 2/4/1738/39

  • 152 Benjamin Burgin, 12/25/1741

  • 153 Phillip Burgin, 7/11/1744

  • 154 Joshua Burgin, 7/24/1746

  • 155 John Burgin, birth date unknown

  • 156 Jesse Burgin, born 1/22/1753

Benjamin Burgin: Ben, the second child of John & Martha Burgin, was born in Kent County (Shrewsbury Parish) Maryland, November 30,1741 and christened December 25, 1741. Kent County is on Maryland's Eastern Shore, just across the northern part of the Chesapeake Bay from Baltimore County.

Ben moved to North Carolina, sometime between 1765 and 1770. He was last found in Maryland records in 1765. Much has been written about Ben and his family, but little if any has been documented.

Benjamin’s first appearance in official records of North Carolina is his marriage to Leah Mann, November 18, 1772, in Rowan County. Leah Mann was born - ca 1754, and was an orphan raised in the household of George Davidson as a member of this prominent family.

Benjamin was a prominent citizen in his time. He was a J.P. in Fayette Co., N. C. He had close ties to the Carsons, Alexanders, and Davidson families. All of those families held large tracts of land in what is now McDowell, Buncomb, Burke County area. This is probably the reason for Ben’s move into the same area. He settled on a tract of land just outside of present day Old Fort.

Ben was active in local, civic and political affairs. A search of the minutes of Burke County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions show that Ben served as Deputy Sheriff in 1789, Clerk of the Court in 1793, JP in 1794 and 1795. In the October Session of 1796, Ben and Joseph Young, Esquires were judges of the Upper Election for Elector, and Ben Adams and James Fallon were appointed clerks to said election.

Benjamin acquired several large tracts of land in the County and was obviously quite prominent, yet there is no trace of him in the Revolutionary War Records. Perhaps these records were lost when the Burke County Court House was burned by the Yankees in 1865. Since Benjamin was a carpenter by trade, he probably served as artisan or tradesman. Benjamin and Leah Burgin had ten (10) children:

  • 1521 John Burgin, born 10/15/1774, married his first cousin Leah Mann

  • 1522 James Burgin, born September 9, 1777, married Gean Wright

  • 1523 Benjamin Burgin, Jr. born December 16, 1779, married Betsy Brandon

  • 1524 Robert Burgin, born ca., 1781-82

  • 1525 Daniel Burgin, born... no date, no more information

  • 1526 Merritt Burgin, born July 10, 1784, married Mary E. Patton

  • 1527 Martha Burgin, born December 8, 1791, married Jesse Burgin

  • 1528 Leah Burgin, born February 15, 1794, married James Burgin

  • 1529 Alleny Burgin, born March 14, 1797, married Selena Whitson

  • 152A Rebecca Burgin, born January 30, 1799

Merritt Burgin: Sixth child of "Pioneer" Benjamin Burgin and LeahMann.

Born 7/10/1784 Burke County and died 5/7/1837. Married 1806/07 to Mary Ann Patton of Pleasant Gardens (born 6/8/1783 died 7/22/1835). Merritt also took an active interest in political and civic affairs. From 1827-1830 he was state representative for Burke County. Senator for Burke County 1827-30. And he was a JP and clerk of court.

Records show that in 1813 he paid his father (Pioneer Ben) $2,000 for 240 acres of land on the Catawba River. At the time of his death Merritt owned many such tracts.

Only a fragment of his estate records have survived. They show that on July 24, 1837, Benjamin Burgin, James and John Burgin and Benjamin Burgin Jr., were bound to the state for $15,000, with Ben Sr., being the administrator of the Merritt estate. The size of the bond would indicate Merritt was a fairly wealthy man. Merritt and Mary Ann Burgin had seven children:

  • 15261 Elijah Patton Burgin, born 11/3/1808 Burke County, NC

  • 15262 Rebecca Burgin, born 3/18/1810 Burke County, NC

  • 15263 Benjamin Burgin, born 11/18/1812 Burke County, NC

  • 15264 James Burgin, born 9/20/1814 Burke County, NC

  • 15265 John Mann Burgin, born 7/29/1817 Burke County, NC

  • 15266 Robert C. Burgin, born 12/29/1819 Burke County, NC

  • 15267 Merritt Burgin, born 3/3/1822 Burke County, NC

James Burgin: The fourth-born of Merritt Burgin and Mary Ann Patton. Born September 20, 1814/17 in Burke County, North Carolina. Married Mary Haney 1835/38 and made his first appearance in the 1840 census of Burke County, NC.

On July 31, 1845, James sold his interest in his father’s estate. Early in 1847 he sold his remaining land and shortly thereafter moved to Tennessee. He appears in the 1850/60 census of Green County Tennessee. By 1870 he had moved to Cocke County, Tennessee and remained there until his death circa 1886/1900.

James was a farmer, also a miller and by 1860 he owned a grist mill. He also had a still and sometimes turned the ground corn into whiskey, which he sampled frequently. Being easy going and having a humorous wit, sometimes sampled his brew too often. On these occasions he was known to flap his arms and crow like a rooster. Then he would laugh and say that he was the biggest rooster in Tennessee.

Mary (Haney) Burgin was born circa 1817 and was listed for the last time in the 1880 census of Cocke County and was deceased by April 10, 1883 when James remarried a widow by the name of Mary Ship. James had ten children, all by Mary Haney.

Children of James Burgin:

  • 152641 Merritt Burgin II, born August 21, 1836 in Burke County, N. C.

  • 152642 Mary Burgin, born 1837 in Burke County, North Carolina

  • 152643 Emily Burgin, born 1839 in Burke County, North Carolina

  • 152644 Charles Burgin, born 1844 in Burke County, North Carolina

  • 152645 Delia Burgin, born 1846 in Burke County, North Carolina

  • 152646 Rebecca S. Burgin, born in 1850 in Greene County, Tennessee

  • 152647 James C. Burgin, born 1854 in Greene County, Tennessee

  • 152648 John P. Burgin, born 1856 in Greene County, Tennessee

  • 152649 Catherine “Kitty” Burgin, born 1859 in Greene County, Tennessee

  • 15264A Eliza Burgin, Born 1862 in Greene County Tennessee

Merritt Burgin II: First child of James, born August 21, 1836 in Burke County, North Carolina. He married Mary Jane Black on January 13, 1857. Mary was born March 7, 1842 in North Carolina. She Died December 9, 1903 in Del Rio (Hamblen County) Tennessee. Merritt died November 21, 1899 in Russellville. Both are buried in Dover Cemetery in Hamblen County. They had 14 children.

  • 1526411 James A Burgin, born March 6, 1858, died August 26, 1858

  • 1526412 Mary Emma Burgin, born August 25, 1859

  • 1526413 John Wiley Burgin, born September 2, 1861

  • 1526414 Charles Benjamin Burgin, born August 13, 1864

  • 1526415 Marit Andrew Burgin, February 14, 1867

  • 1526416 William Postell Burgin, born April 14, 1869

  • 1526417 Thomas B. Burgin, born September 6, 1872

  • 1526418 Stephen R. Burgin, born March 13, 1874

  • 1526419 Joseph Hatten Burgin, born June 20, 1877

  • 152641A Susan Ester Burgin, born April 26, 1879

  • 152641B Edward Jesse Burgin, born May 26, 1882

  • 152641C Lee George Swatsell Burgin, born October 23, 1883

  • 152641D Daniel Patton Burgin, born June 7, 1885

  • 152641E Flora V Burgin, born August 3, 1887

Joseph H. Burgin: Ninth child of Merritt II and Mary Jane Burgin, born June 20, 1877 in Greene Co., Tennessee, died September 8, 1929 in Burke County, North Carolina. He Married Julia Calloway October 25, 1899 in Hamblen County, Tenn.

They were living in Hamblen County in the 1900 census. Julia was born October 14, 1884 and died August 3, 1949 in Gaston County. Both are buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery in Gaston County. Joe was a farmer and operated a sawmill for a while.

When the textile mills began opening in Gaston County, North Carolina they moved to Belmont to find work. He was working at a Textile plant there when he became ill, and died 4 months later.

After Joe’s death, Julia had no way to support the children and the younger ones still at home were placed in an orphanage. Georgia, Jonnie and Pauline were sent to Barium Springs Orphanage, located between Troutman and Statesville, N. C., and remained there until they became of legal age.

Julia returned to Tenn. to find work and had to ship what few things she had. When they arrived she had no money and could not retrieve them. Even the family Bible was lost.

With the older children wandering around looking for work and the youngest ones still in the orphanage, there was little or no contact between them for years. Joe Burgin and Julia (Calloway) Burgin had eleven children:

  • 15264191 Basil Eugene Burgin, born 1902

  • 15264192 Rader Frank Burgin, born 1908

  • 15264193 Robert Wayne Burgin, born October 23, 1909

  • 15264194 Mack Anders Burgin, born January 29, 1911

  • 15264195 Harvey Boyd Burgin, born December 5, 1913

  • 15264196 Beulah Burgin, born circa 1915

  • 15264197 William Lee Burgin, born March 20, 1916, died 1918

  • 15264198 Georgia Aline Burgin, born June 18, 1918 (twin)

  • 15264199 Elizabeth Burgin, born June 18, 1918 (twin)

  • 1526419A Flora Pauline Burgin, born April 23, 1924

  • 1526419B Jonnie Burgin, born ______

Rader Frank Burgin: Second child of Joseph and Julia Burgin, was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1908 and died in 1938 in Belmont (Gaston County) North Carolina. Frank spent most of his younger days in North Carolina and was said to have been married and fathered a son in High Point, N.C.

Frank married Amy Kathleen Bell, circa 1929. Kathleen was born in Newport, TN May 6, 1911. This was also Kathleen’s second marriage. She was previously married to Nick Anderson, of Pelzer, SC. Kathleen had a daughter from that marriage – Mary Nell, born September 1927 in Greenville, South Carolina.

Frank and Kathleen later moved to Kingsport, TN., circa 1930, where they worked for several years at a new textile plant called Borden Mills, Inc. During this period two sons, Donald Frank and Robert Joseph were born. This was during the peak of the depression.

The heart and money of the Textile Industry in 1935 was in Greenville, SC, so Frank and Kathleen decided to return there. Frank, a skilled mechanic worked for F.W. Poe Mfg. Co. in Greenville. In 1936 a daughter, Faye Ruth, was born to this union.

In 1938 Frank decided to move back to Belmont (Gaston County) NC, because the majority of his siblings were known to be living there at the time. He died there a short while later, December 17, 1938. Frank and Kathleen Burgin had three children.

Children of Rader Frank Burgin:

  • 152641921 Donald Frank Burgin, Born May 21, 1930, Kingsport, Tennessee

  • 152641922 Robert Joseph Burgin, Born May 29, 1933, Kingsport, Tennessee

  • 152641923 Faye Ruth Burgin, Born November 6, 1936 in Greenville, S.C.

152641921 Donald Frank Burgin: First born of Frank and Kathleen Burgin was born in Kingsport, TN, May 21, 1930, married Virginia Dare Hurd September 17, 1950. Virginia Dare was the daughter of Loyce R. and Georgia (Wilson) Hurd – Born in Stickleyville, Virginia, August 9, 1930.

Donald’s family moved to Greenville, SC when he was five years old. He started school there in 1936 (Pinkney Elementary School on Pinkney Street). The family later moved to Belmont (Gaston County) North Carolina, where his father (Frank Burgin) died in 1938.

Kathleen Burgin was left a widow with three children ages 8 and under, so she moved back to Kingsport, TN where her family could assist her.

Donald attended grade school and high school in Kingsport, Tennessee and joined the U.S. Navy in 1947. He met Virginia Dare Hurd in December 1949 And since he was due to be discharged in December 1950, they planned a wedding for September of 1950. The Korean War broke out in June of 1950 and Donald’s Enlistment was frozen for another year. Not withstanding this adversity, they were married on September 17, 1950. After forty months sea-duty (18 months during the Korean War) Donald was Honorably Discharged in December 1951.

Don worked at Intermountain Telephone Company and Mead Corp., in Kingsport before going to work at what would later be known as J.P. Stevens; the second largest textile company in the world. He was hired in July 1952 and worked there until his retirement as Plant Superintendent, January 1, 1990.

Like many of his ancestors, Donald was very active in community and civic affairs. He served as commander of American Legion Hammond Post #3, Kingsport, TN, the third largest American Legion Post in the state; Worshipful Master of Sinking Creek Masonic Lodge #575, President of the Kingsport Safety Council, Chairman of the East Tennessee Section of the American Society of Safety Engineers, Chairman of the Appalachian Chapter of the American Association for Textile Technology, and on the board of directors for many organizations in the Kingsport/Sullivan County area.

Children of Donald Frank & Virginia Dare Burgin:

  • 1526419211 Stephen Warren Burgin, born December 16, 1951 Kingsport, TN

  • 1526419212 Judy Karen Burgin, born June 9, 1953 Kingsport, Tennessee

  • 1526419213 Donna Jayne Burgin, born August 21, 1966, Kingsport, Tennessee

1526419211 Stephen Warren Burgin: Steve attended public schools in Kingsport, TN. After graduating from high school, he worked at part time jobs while attending night school at East Tennessee State University. He graduated from East Tennessee State University in 1982 after 13 yrs night school, with a BS Degree in Business Administration: Majors Economics, Mathematics and Finance.

Steve was eventually employed by Tennessee Eastman Company (TEC) later known as Eastman Chemical Company (ECC) and where his present position is Principal Forecast Analyst.

He married Paula Jean Walters, September 8, 1972. Paula, the daughter of Bill and Pauline Walters, was also a part time student at East Tennessee State University; Course study - Fabric Arts. She graduated in 2001.

Like many in his family before him. Steve has very been active in civic and community affairs. In 1990 he received District 63's Area Governor of the Year award, District 63's Spring Conference Best Educational Presenter award.

In 1991, Steve was inducted into Toastmasters International‘s Hall of Fame.

He earned the Pioneer Award in Boy Scouts of America, Sequoyah Council, The Order of the Arrow in Boy Scouts of America, Sequoyah Council. And he is Past District Commissioner for Cub Scouting, Warriors Path District, Sequoyah Council,

Steve was selected to a six member Steering Committee that formed Supporters of Excellence in Education in Kingsport and taught computer courses at Northeast State Technical Community College and Eastman Chemical Company.

Children of Stephen & Paula Burgin:

  • 15264192111 Kelley Warren Burgin, born March 22, 1974 Kingsport, TN

  • 15264192112 Christopher Eric Burgin born December 11, 1975 Kingsport, TN

15264192111 Kelley Warren Burgin: Kelley was born in Kingsport, Tennessee March 22, 1974 and spent his entire childhood there. He attended grade school and high school in Kingsport followed by two years at Tennessee Tech at Cookeville, Tennessee. Kelley then married Becky Smith, May 24, 1997 and transferred to Auburn University at Auburn, Alabama.

Kelley earned his Master's Degree at Auburn University in July 2002, and on May 21, 2006, received his PhD. in Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization (ACO) from Carnegie Melon University.

Kelley and Becky have two sons:

  • 152641921111 Noah Emerson Burgin, born March 10, 1999
  • 152641921112 Finn Edison Burgin, born June 27, 2002

15264192112 Christopher Eric Burgin: born December 11, 1975 Kingsport, Tennessee. Eric married Giselle LeAnna Lovelace, November 6, 2005. Eric is a Process Expert in Customer Service Paper at CitiGroup. Giselle is a Certified Massage Therapist.

1526419212 Judy Karen Burgin: Born June 9, 1953 Kingsport, Tennessee

Judy attended public schools in Kingsport, TN and graduated from Dobyns-Bennett High School with a Clerical Diploma in June of 1971. She was employed immediately upon graduation by Tennessee Eastman Company (TEC) later known as Eastman Chemical Company (ECC) and remained there until retirement January 1, 2001.

Judy is married to Arthur Sidney Lester, b. February 19, 1945 Bluefield W. Virginia. She and Sidney have one child:

  • 15264192121 Jonathan Michael Lester, born June 13, 1988 Kingsport, Tennessee

1526419213 Donna Jayne Burgin: Born August 21 1966 in Kingsport Tennessee

Donna's family moved to Mount Carmel (Hawkins County) Tennessee, September 1977. She spent the remainder of her childhood there and was a member of the first four-year class to graduate from Volunteer Comprehensive High School.

Donna was employed by Tennessee Eastman Company in May of 1985 and completed a 4-year TEC Operator Apprenticeship Program in September 2000.

She married Randall Mitchell "Mickey" Steadman August 21, 1987. This marriage was terminated in November 1993. Donna Jayne and "Mickey" Steadman had two children:

  • 15264192131 Kory Mitchell Aaron Steadman, born April 3, 1989 in Kingsport, TN

  • 15264192132 Emylee Danielle Steadman, October 2, 1990 in Kingsport, TN

152641922 Robert Joseph Burgin: Born May 29, 1933, Kingsport, Tennessee, Died February 21, 1992 in Montgomery, Ala. Married Alma Ree Easterling April 30, 1954, Alma Ree Easterling was born January 13, 1936.

Joe grew up and attended public schools in Kingsport, Tennessee. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force at the age of 17, when the Korean War broke out. Joe made a career of the Air Force and retired June 30, 1970. From that time on he was very active in his church. Joe and Alma Burgin had four children:

  • 1526419221 Amy Jo Burgin, born September 9, 1956 in Montgomery, Alabama. Amy married William Armstrong and had one daughter, Stephanie Diane Sisk, b. March 6, 1975.

  • 1526419222 Carol Burgin, born October 24, 1958 in Montgomery, Al. Carol married Robert Smith and had three children: Chris, Timmy and Noel.

  • 1526419223 Donald Burgin, born October 19, 1960 in Montgomery, Alabama. Donald married Linda Maddox and had two children: Joey Burgin, b. March 10, 1981 and Jeremy Burgin, b. December 19, 1983. Linda had one son (Chris) by a previous marriage, b. Feb 21 1978.

  • 1526419224 Sherry Burgin, born February 14, 1971 in Montgomery, Alabama. Sherry married Ken Williams (date unknown) and had six children: Ashley Burgin b. July 30, 1990; Brittany Burgin b. September 27, 1992; Christen Burgin b. April 17, 1995; Secret Williams b. February 8, 1996; Kerensia Williams b. April 7, 1990 and Christopher Williams b. August 19, 2000.

152641923 Faye Ruth Burgin: Born November 6, 1936 in Greenville, S.C. Her family moved to Belmont (Gaston County) North Carolina in 1938. Her father, Frank Burgin died there December 17, 1938. Her mother Kathleen, returned to Kingsport, TN. in June 1939 taking Faye and her two older brothers.

Faye grew up in Kingsport and married Billy Joe Raines, the youngest child of Housten and Carrie Ford Raines at the Courthouse in Greenville, S.C. October 1, 1952. Billy Joe was born in Newport, Tennessee August 2, 1934.

Faye continued her education after the birth of her three children, by enrolling in pre -school classes offered by the University of Tennessee, East Tenn. State University and Walters State Community College. She taught for 30 years in the “Head Start” Program. Three children were born to Faye and Billy Joe Raines:

  • 1526419231 Jeffrey Allen Raines, born September 29, 1953 in Kingsport, TN

  • 1526419232 Patricia Kay Raines, born July 14, 1957 in Kingsport, TN

  • 1526419233 Christopher Don Raines, born November 28, 1959 in Kingsport, TN

1526319231 Jeffrey Allen Raines: Born September 29, 1953 in Kingsport, Tennessee. He attended public schools in Kingsport and graduated summa cum laude from East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. Jeff was also a licensed X-ray Technician. He married Debra Grills on November 1, 1981. Jeff died October 22, 2006. He and Debra had two sons:

  • 15263192311 Billy Joe (Joey) Raines, born October 9, 1982

  • 15263192312 Jacob Ford Raines, born September 3, 1989

1526419232 Patricia (Penny) Kay Raines: Born July 14, 1957 in Kingsport, Tennessee and married Jonathan Peters October 16, 1974. Penny and Jonathan Peters were divorced and Penny remarried to Phillip Robinson. Penny and Jonathan Peters had three children:

  • 15264192321 Tessa Michelle Peters, born February 1, 1976 in Kingsport, TN

  • 15264192322 Brandon Peters, born May 29, 1978 in Kingsport, TN

  • 15264192323 Erik Brenton (E.B.) Peters, born April 16, 1981 in Kingsport, TN

15264192321 Tessa Michelle Peters: Born February 1, 1976 in Kingsport, Tennessee. Married Spencer McCool. Tessa and Spencer McCool have two children:

  • 152641923211 Ashland Alexandria McCool, born July 27, 1999 in Armada, MI

  • 152641923212 Spencer K. McCool III, born June 29, 2001 in Rochester, MI

15264192322 Brandon Peters: Brandon is single and still lives in Kingsport, TN

15264192323 Erik Peters: Born April 16, 1981 in Kingsport, Tennessee. Married April Casteel. Erik and April have two children children:

  • 152641923231 Kendalyn Fayth Peters, born October 24, 1999 in Kingsport, TN

  • 152641923232 Emily Faye Peters, born July 27, 2002 in Kingsport, TN

1526419233 Christopher (Chris) Don Raines: Born November 28, 1959 in Kingsport, Tennessee. Chris was raised in Kingsport. He graduated from Lynn View High School and attended East Tennessee State University. He married Tracy Hartgrove March 20, 1984. Chris and Tracy are now divorced, but they have two daughters:

  • 15264192331 Jordan Leigh Raines, born June 26, 1986 in Kingsport, TN

  • 15264192332 Corey Kathleen Raines, born March 26, 1992 in Kingsport, TN