Great Civil War Stories

The Secession Acts of Thirteen States There were only eleven states that actually seceded from the Union. See who they were and in what order.
Freedmen and Slaves in The Civil War Freedmen & Slaves served in the Armies of BOTH sides. Nearly 40,000 of them died over the course of the war.
Women Who Served in The Civil War This was a war between brothers, cousins, and neighbors; and some of them were women. Women served as spies, physicians, nurses, and fought while disguised as men.
The American Indian in the Civil War About 12,000 Native Americans served in the Army of The Confederacy and 6,000 in the Union Army. One, a Colonel Ely Parker, served as an aide to General Grant.
A Profile of "Johnny Reb" The Union won the War Between the States, but Johnny Reb won the fadeless victory of soldiership.
Facts that are Stranger than Fiction A collection of Civil War facts that are stranger than fiction. They'll boggle your mind and leave you shaking your head.
The Confederate Draft in the Civil War The February 1864 revision to the Confederate Conscription Act, made all men from 17 to 50 liable for a three-year term.
The Union Draft in the Civil War President Lincoln was too old for the Draft, but he hired a substitute (representative recruit) for himself, as an example.
Children Fought in the Civil War Seventy-five percent of the Union troops were 21 and under - yet these BOYS made their Commanding Officers proud.
How about the Consciencious Objectors? Under each of the opposing governments, they sometimes endured violent persecution by civilians, brutal punishment by military authorities, and death by firing squad.
A War by Any Other Name The Civil War was referred to by many names, especially in the South. Names like "The War for Abolition", "The Great Rebellion", and even "The Second American Revolution".
Civil War All Stars For the baseball enthusiasts amongst you... take a look at this! It was written over 30 years ago and still interesting.
Civil War "Firsts" The ideas for many of today's weapons of destruction were conceived and implemented during the Civil War.
Dammit Jim - I'm a Doctor, not a Fighter! A story of the disgusting cowardice and inhumanity exemplified by the Confederate Surgeons at Gettysburg.
Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Have you ever studied the Gettysburg Address? I mean look at it and think about each sentence and what it means.
Jeff Davis' Speech at Missionary Ridge Was this speech by Jeff Davis merely a rebuttal to Lincoln's, or was it to serve as a morale booster for the Confederates?
Benjamin Butler "The Beast" Ever wonder how Major General Benjamin Butler earned that nick-name during the Yankee occupation of New Orleans?
Civil War Prisons This story tells what necessitated the Civil War prisons - which were later referred to by both sides as -  Hell here on Earth
Prisoner Exchange How the prisoner exchange or paroling program was supposed to work (for both sides) and why it was used.
Andersonville Prison A quick synopsis of Andersonville Stockade Prison. Officially named Camp Sumter, it was the most the most notorious.
Letters From Andersonville Letters from Prisoners of War incarcerated at the infamous Andersonville Prison..
The Testimony of a Survivor Confederate Sergeant, G.W.D. Porter, describes his nine months imprisonment at Elmira (N.Y.)
Prison Boredom Prison Boredom was also an enemy. The prisoners found many ways to occupy their time and their minds.
Prison Deaths Three out of every four deaths were attributed to illnesses and infection. Just how many men died in these hell holes?
What were the terms of the amnesty? The Federal Govt. was offering amnesty to many Confederate Citizens as early as 1862. See what applied to General Lee.
The Ten Costliest Battles of the Civil War Based on total casualties for each side
(killed. wounded, missing and captured)
What was the Cost of the Civil War? The price in blood was devastating! This puts in perspective the actual cost of the war in Lives & Dollars.
Rebel Generals Killed In the Civil War Seventy-two Confederate Generals were killed or died as a result of wounds received in battle during the Civil War.
Union Generals Killed In the Civil War Sixty-seven Union Generals were killed or died as a result of wounds received in battle during the Civil War.
Famous Quotes from the Civil War Did you know that Abe Lincoln realized that slavery wasn't an issue until later in the war? Read his statement.
Whatever Happened to? A stirring, but very interesting collection of post-war facts regarding Civil War players of notoriety.
The Return of the Confederate dead
         - from Gettysburg to Richmond
President Lincoln's immortal words were not spoken over their unattended, and unmarked, graves.
Christmas' During the Civil War Excerpts from heart-breaking letters written by soldiers
(north & south) during this Holiday Season.